Dragonfly unmasked as iconic popstar



She did an excellent job of trying to throw us off the scent, but clever fans were certain they knew the identity of the sexy singing Dragonfly from day one.

Tonight, Sophie Monk finally revealed herself from beneath the mask, despite fooling bestie Jackie O with an on-air phone call last week.

"Everyone thinks I'm that moth," she'd answered abruptly at the time.

Opening up about her first performance in almost two decades, the former Popstars reality star said she was "embarrassed to sing in the shower" after being "burnt by the industry."

"There's something about the disguise that makes it so much easier to just bring out confidence," Monk, who had sung Ke$ha's Tik Tok during the episode, said.

"You're not worrying about what people think about you. No-one was judging me."

The ARIA-nominated star - who has shut down rumours of a Bardot reunion in the past - added that appearing on the show made her "miss" the stage.

Monk is the fifth star to be unmasked, following international sports star Mark Philippoussis,  cricketing legend Michael Bevan, iconic singer Christine Anu and five-time ARIA winner Katie Noonan.

Follow our live coverage of the episode below.