Disqualified driver Shaun Lindenberg is applying to get his licence back.
Disqualified driver Shaun Lindenberg is applying to get his licence back.

Door opened for repeat offender to drive again

A MAN who committed a plethora of driving offences while drunk and disqualified - including riding a motorcycle helmet-less with his young daughter - could have his ­licence handed back to him after a judge found he had turned his life around.

Despite having his licence disqualified "absolutely" in 2003 and being unlicensed since 1994, Shaun Paul Lindenberg, 46, went on to commit a series of serious driving offences, trespassed and was caught carrying a knife in ­public, as well as drugs.

In 2016, the Murgon man took his six-year-old daughter motorbike riding helmet-less and crashed the bike, suffering a serious head injury. His daughter was unharmed.

Lindenberg successfully ­applied to have his absolute disqualification revoked in the Kingaroy District Court late last year.

Disqualified driver Shaun Lindenberg is applying to get his licence back.
Disqualified driver Shaun Lindenberg is applying to get his licence back.

He convinced Justice Glen Cash QC to let him apply to get his licence so that he can drive to his specialist doctor's appointments in Brisbane.

" (Lindenberg) has demonstrated his good character and the steps he has taken to achieve what might properly be described as his ­complete rehabilitation," Justice Cash QC wrote in his court judgment.

"He no longer takes alcohol or illegal drugs, he is in a stable relationship with children, he has been employed, and he has not committed a criminal offence in 10 years nor a traffic offence for five years.

"It is true that he has shown some lapses in judgment, the 2016 motorcycle crash being one of them, but importantly he has not repeated his mistakes."


Justice Glen Cash QC. Picture: Peter Wallis
Justice Glen Cash QC. Picture: Peter Wallis


Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart was given the opportunity to respond to Lindenberg's application, but took a "neutral" stance on the matter.

"The applicant has demonstrated a level of rehabilitation. It is a matter for the Court if his demonstrated rehabilitation is sufficient to ­satisfy the court that it is proper to remove the disqualification," Mr Stewart submitted.

Justice Cash QC said that he needed to consider "the ­desirability" of allowing ­Lindenberg to pursue paid ­employment.

"Given the applicant's qualifications as a machinery operator, it is obvious that he stands a better chance of employment if he is able to drive.

"It is of course now up to (Lindenberg) to make an application for a driver's licence to the appropriate authorities," he said.

Lindenberg was contacted for comment.



2002: Pleads guilty to unlawful use of a motor vehicle, aggravated unlawful use of a motor vehicle, dangerous operation of a vehicle, aggravated dangerous operation of a vehicle, stealing, wilful damage and serious assault. Jailed for 2½ years, but released immediately due to time served.

2003: Breaches suspended sentence not long after committing similar offences. Jailed for five years and has licence disqualified absolutely upon his release two years later.

2004: Caught possessing drugs.

2005: Trespassing.

2006: Fails to stop his vehicle for police.

2007 and 2008: Fails to appear in court, fails to stop vehicle as directed, unlawful possession of a knife in a public place and possessing drug utensils.

2008: Drove carelessly while drunk and while disqualified. Imprisoned and further disqualified from holding or obtaining a driver's licence.

2011: Fined for being a passenger in car not wearing a seatbelt.

2013: Caught driving, told police he and partner were taking son to Brisbane for an eye appointment, and that he was driving as wife was not feeling well. Imprisoned, further disqualified.

2016: Took six-year-old daughter on a helmet-less motorcycle ride and crashed, causing himself a serious head injury.