Don’t panic, we’ll bring you food: government

THE Queensland Government has announced it will organise food drops to people in quarantine who run out of food as authorities implore people to stop panic buying.

Queensland's Chief Medical Officer Dr Jeannette Young said people could call 13 HEALTH if they found themselves in quarantine and genuinely couldn't access groceries.

"The advice for Queensland is you do not need access to two weeks' supply of food," Dr Young said.

She said people should have "no concerns" about food running out in the community.

"If people can't get out to get food, that's a different question and we have systems in place," she said.

"If someone feels that they can't access food, they don't have any in their home because they've gone into quarantine with no notice, they can ring 13 HEALTH and we'll organise that for them."

She said people could also try online shopping.

Shoppers lining up at Costco North Lakes before it opened on Sunday morning. Picture: Attila Csaszar/AAP
Shoppers lining up at Costco North Lakes before it opened on Sunday morning. Picture: Attila Csaszar/AAP

It came as Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk assured people that shops would remain open.

"We have ample supplies here in Queensland," she said.

"We produce so much healthy food here, we have everything in our storage warehouses, there is no need to panic.

"If you're going to the supermarket and bulk buying a months' worth of food that could actually mean some of the most vulnerable in our society get nothing.

"The shops and supermarkets are going to remain open.

"We have ample supplies … there's no need to panic buy."

It comes as Woolworths temporarily suspended its online 'Pick up' and "Delivery now" services amid shortages on a number of items during ongoing rampant panic-buying.

"We've seen an extraordinary level of demand for groceries across the country this weekend," a spokesman said.

"We're continuing to work closely with our suppliers to get more stock into stores and onto the shelves for customers as quickly as possible.

"Customers are encouraged to buy only what they need, as we'll continue to receive extra orders of stock in our stores regularly."

A Coles spokeswoman said Coles was taking all possible steps to ensure they had stock on their shelves and online.

"To allow everyone the opportunity to purchase staple items, we have implemented temporary purchase limits on staple items, including toilet paper, pasta, flour, rice, hand sanitiser and mince.

The Coles spokeswoman said the changes were made to help improve access to essential products for all customers and to encourage shoppers to shop as they normally would.

"Coles has increased the number of deliveries in Queensland with some suppliers even delivering stock directly to stores to further improve availability on popular products such as toilet paper, long-life pantry staples and healthcare items," she said.

"We have also significantly increased the number of team members working in our stores to support this level of unprecedented demand and are actively recruiting for more."

ALDI was contacted for comment and Costco declined to comment.