Don't bother with a fine, just send me to prison ...

A MAN who pleaded guilty to sending aggressive text messages to a woman who had a domestic violence order out against him asked the court to send him to prison instead of fining him and promised not to pay one.

The man, who can not be named so as not to identify the victim, pleaded guilty to breaching a domestic violence order.

The court heard he sent her messages threatening to hospitalise her and saying the domestic violence order couldn't stop him.

He admitted to breaching the order by sending the messages, telling the court the woman "pissed him off."

"She just p****d me off more or less," he said.

He was fined $440 on Thursday for breaching the order.

However, after the sentence he asked Magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist if he could be given a prison sentence instead of having to pay a fine.

He told the court he could not afford the fine and would not be paying it.

"Can I have that put in imprisonment?" he said.

"Or else I'll be back here for an unpaid fine. I can't afford it."

Mr Stjernqvist explained to him the fine would be sent to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry who would organise a payment plan and he did not need to pay it in a single instalment.

"Well I'm not paying it," the man said before walking out of the courtroom.