Donation will help

SO YESTERDAY most of us spent the day celebrating being Australian.

Why not continue the tradition and do something to help other Aussies?

Every blood donation you give saves three lives.

Community relations officer for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Holly Miers, pointed out Aussies can give more than just their blood.

"Next month we will be celebrating our first year anniversary of plasma donations," she said.

"Plasma is extremely important and can be donated every two to three weeks. We plan to celebrate throughout the week with yellow patty cakes and balloons."

The celebration ties in with the Blood Service's Super Donor campaign, launched last month, which encourages wholeblood donors to change to plasma and platelet donations if there is an emerging need for the two "liquid gold" products at the time of their appointment.

Call 13 14 95.

Did you know

The official plasma colour is yellow.