Domino's Pizza taking extra Sunday slice

THERE'S nothing wrong with indulging in a takeaway pizza on any given day but for almost two months Domino's has been taking an extra slice from customers on Sundays.

On January 8 Domino's announced a nationwide 10% surcharge placed on orders taken on Sundays in a move to offset the cost of a voluntary increase to workers' pay rates.

Only weeks after the Sunday surcharge was implemented, the Fair Work Commission announced on February 23 that Sunday penalty rates paid in retail, fast food, hospitality and pharmacy industries would be reduced from existing levels, eliminating 'double time' in some cases.

Domino's die-hards may have already picked up on the surcharge, but for those starring at an empty fridge or cupboard on a Sunday night may need to think twice before ordering a slice.

A Domino's spokesperson told the Observer that the company voluntarily increased rates paid to drivers in August 2016 and January 8 all employees are now paid a 25% Sunday loading.

"We are a seven-day-a-week business, and an increase in Sunday wages is an important step in rewarding our valuable employees for their commitment to our business and our customers," the spokesperson said.

"Domino's team members are paid according to an enterprise agreement, and since earlier this year, above this agreement.

"Any changes to the Sunday penalty rates does not impact our voluntary increase, or the Sunday Surcharge."



The spokesperson said the voluntary increase and surcharge were among a number of pricing models successfully tested with customers.

"At Domino's we are committed to providing great tasting products at an affordable price point and only charge more when it costs us more to do so - a fact our customers value," the spokesperson added.

Domino's is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with a share price of $56.02 as at the close of trade on Friday, March 3.

The company almost doubled its full-year profit in Australia to $92 million in the 2015-16 financial year.

The 10% surcharge is added on to the total amount of the customer's order.