A Tannum Sands domestic violence offender appeared in the Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday. Generic photo.
A Tannum Sands domestic violence offender appeared in the Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday. Generic photo.

Domestic violence offender gets suspended sentence

A man, locked out of his residence after an argument with his partner over cigarettes, attempted to kick their front door down, a court heard.

The man, 48, who can’t be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday to contravening a domestic violence order.

Police prosecutor Carl Spargo read the facts of the man’s case to the court and Magistrate Bevan Manthey.

On March 10, about 7.35am, police from Tannum Sands were tasked to attend an address on Yakuna St, Boyne Island, in relation to a domestic violence incident.

Police arrived and located the defendant at the front of a neighbouring property and the aggrieved inside the address.

Police then questioned them both separately in order to figure out what had happened.

The defendant and aggrieved had a verbal argument the previous night which continued in the morning when they were in the aggrieved’s car driving to the shops.

The defendant continually asked the aggrieved for money so he could by cigarettes.

The aggrieved told him several times she had no more money to give him and said he could no longer stay at the house.

The defendant told the aggrieved to “Shut your f------ mouth” as he had heard it all last night.

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The aggrieved told the defendant to get out of the car which he initially refused to do, but he then pulled up the handbrake and walked away.

The aggrieved drove home, put the defendant’s personal possessions outside and locked the house up.

A short time later the defendant arrived home and, after realising he was locked out, tried to force entry into the house.

The defendant kicked the front door numerous times, trying to break in with so much force it caused the lock area of the door to spilt.

During the defendant’s outburst, he called out to the aggrieved to let him in the house.

He was also yelling derogatory things.

The defendant eventually calmed down and walked across the road where police located him.

The aggrieved said she was not scared of the defendant, but police observed her voice and hands were shaky, she was crying and said she did not want him living with her.

Police transported the defendant to Tannum Sands police station where he was released on bail to appear at Gladstone Magistrates Court.

Mr Manthey sentenced the man to a two-month prison sentence, wholly suspended for one year, with a conviction recorded.

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