Family devastated after dog tied to train track and left to die

A SARINA family is devastated after their beloved pooch, Shadow, was found bound and left to die in the middle of a train track running behind their home.

Shay Andersen said Shadow, a cattle and kelpie cross, was last seen at 6am on Friday running around the family's backyard on Broad St.

Ms Anderson said later that day her neighbours noticed an animal stuck between two train tracks near the family's home.

Shadow the dog, who was killed after being tied up to train tracks.
Shadow the dog, who was killed after being tied up to train tracks. Contributed

She said the neighbours recognised the dog as Shadow and contacted her father to identify the animal's remains.

"It was my dog," she said.

"He had blue rope around his neck and body and was tied up on the train tracks."

Ms Andersen said she had contacted the RSPCA to report the incident but had no idea why someone would hurt her pet.

"My whole street knows my dog and where he lives," she said.

"We aren't sure who would do something like this.

"At the moment it hasn't really hit me but it's hit the rest of my family.

"They're taking it really badly."

She said Shadow had been an important member of the family for the past year. He was a 15-month-old ball of hair with a happy personality, she said.

"The RSPCA asked me if it was possible for him to get caught in some blue rope and if he would make his own way to the train tracks, and I said, 'no'.

"He would have tried to get away from the train. He wouldn't have been dumb enough to sit in the middle of the tracks and get hit."

Ms Andersen said the photos her father took of Shadow on the tracks showed he had "obviously" been tied up.

"He never wandered that far down the end of the street before," she said.

"I know he wouldn't have gone anywhere near the train tracks by himself."

She said the family was desperate for any information relating to the incident.

"I have a mate whose dogs were let out the night before this happened and they live around the corner from us," she said.

"I haven't heard of any other deaths but my friend's dog was definitely let out deliberately.

"We just want to know who did this... it's awful."

Mackay RSPCA inspector Dave Ferrar confirmed the incident had been reported.