Garrath Greenup outside the Ipswich Courthouse. Photo Contributed
Garrath Greenup outside the Ipswich Courthouse. Photo Contributed Contributed

Pit bull cross lucky to be alive after biting police - twice

A FERNVALE man's dog is lucky to be alive after it attacked police officers.

When three officers visited the address of Garreth Greenup over a domestic matter on June 11, they were instead greeted by the 32-year-old's protective American pit bull cross.

The dog rushed at the police and bit one of the officers. In an effort to get the dog off him, the officer hit the animal in the head with his torch.

As Greenup struggled to get his dog under control, another officer withdrew his firearm, while a third sprayed pepper spray into the dog's eyes. The dog reeled and police ordered Greenup to get his animal under control. However, as Greenup tried to drag his pet away, it pulled free of his grip and bit the officer again.

When Greenup got his dog under control, he launched into a tirade of abuse against the police.

The officers followed Greenup to his house where he released the dog, which charged at the police for a third time.

The animal was sprayed with the pepper spray again and retreated.

After locking the dog up in the bedroom, Greenup continued his verbal abuse against the police and demanded police taser him. Instead he was handcuffed and detained in relation to the domestic matter.

Greenup struggled with police and was asked by the police to give his name seven times but refused.

Greenup was fined $700 when he pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court this week to contravening a police direction as well as assaulting or obstructing police.

Greenup said he was intoxicated when police arrived that day and that he made a mistake. He said he was attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and intended to take part in an anger management course.

Greenup said during the incident he had been trying to put his dog away so it wouldn't attack the officers.

Magistrate Stuart Shearer said Greenup had behaved like a fool and was amazed the dog wasn't put down as a result of the attack.

"I'm surprised the police showed so much restraint in relation to your dog," he told Greenup. "You are lucky it is still alive."