Dog attack kills 25 in flock

WHEN Rosenthal Heights bee keeper Glen Sorensen went to bed on Tuesday night he had 21 ewes and 14 lambs in one of his paddocks - come Wednesday morning he was left with two ewes, six lambs and 25 dead animals after a dog attack.

Mr Sorensen said he had lived on his 3.2 hectare farm for seven years and had never had an issue with dogs like this before.

"It is the first time I have lost major amounts like this," he said.

"In have lost two in the last four months to dogs both in the one night.

"They just took the tails and heads off.

"I'm no wuss, but I hate to see animals suffer like that."

The bee keeper said he was just devastated when he walked down to check on the animals early yesterday morning.

"Most of the ewes I had were in lamb or had lambs at foot and now the lambs I have left are without their mothers," he said.

"It is just gut-wrenching."

Mr Sorensen said he was unsure if it was wild or domestic dogs that did the damage.

"I have chased pet dogs of my property recently in the truck," he said.

"It was obvious they were domestic dogs and not wild.

"My dogs were barking (Tuesday) night, but they were chained up."

While Mr Sorensen said he had not planned on selling the lambs on he said some would have made their way into his freezer.

"I won't be in the financial position to replace them at the moment," he said.

"I brought this mob after the January floods for in excess of $1000."

The ewes and lambs were not the only animals on the Sorensen property affected by Tuesday night's attack.

Mr Sorensen said several of his bee hives had been knocked over leaving him with a large mess to clean-up, on top of burying all the dead stock.

As Mr Sorensen's property is relatively small he is not able to participate in the Southern Downs Regional Council's baiting program.

But he is taking other measures.

"The council have been very helpful (yesterday) and provided me with a dog trap," he said.

"I am putting up infra-red cameras around the trap to see what the movements are and see if the dog can be recognised."


Report a dog attack

To report dog attacks phone the Southern Downs Regional Council on 4661 0300.