Let’s let Rocky do its thing and we’ll do ours with industry

IT'S pretty certain Gladstone's not going to try to take over Rockhampton's role as the 'Beef Capital of Australia'.

Even though we have a large number of prominent beef producers in our midst, we would not ever expect to hold the mantle of Beef Capital.

So why shouldn't that be enough for Rocky to hang its hat on?

Why should Rockhampton's mayor think that it should also be the mining/industry hub of Queensland as well?

Gladstone can deal with that moniker, no problem - and we've already established ourselves pretty well to be in a position to say that we hold the industry/mining hub rights.

We have an excellent port facility; we have a large number of service industries which service the mining sector as well as other industries. It makes no sense whatsoever to duplicate those services in another city.

It's pretty impossible to be all things to everyone, so let's just let Rocky do its thing and we'll do ours, thanks very much.