Rebecca Davies shows her scars shortly after surgery.
Rebecca Davies shows her scars shortly after surgery.

Nambour doctors saved our skatergirl, says family

THE Davies family will be forever grateful for the quick-thinking emergency staff at Nambour General Hospital.

Without their expertise, their daughter and sister Rebecca may no longer be with them.

"If they hadn't have acted so quick for Rebecca, it could have been a nasty ending," Rebecca's mother Christine said.

"They just acted so quick.

"We just want to say thank you to them."

Rebecca was skateboarding at Alexandra Headland last Wednesday night when she fell and hit her head.

She was not wearing a helmet.

The 23-year-old was rushed to Nambour hospital where scans revealed serious injury - a fractured skull and major brain bleed.

Rebecca Davies at home after her skateboard accident.
Rebecca Davies at home after her skateboard accident. Warren Lynam

"They picked up a large blood clot, which was compressing Rebecca's brain and had caused it to shift," her sister Shelley said.

With her life in the balance, Rebecca was airlifted to the Royal Women's Hospital in Brisbane where she was wheeled from the helicopter straight into theatre.

Five days later, she was well enough to return home to Kuluin, with a 25cm scar across the right side of her skull to remind her of her ordeal.

So far, there have been no detected brain injuries.

"We are very grateful for this because there are many people out there who do not wake up from surgery with such fantastic results - some lose basic functions such as speech, memory, some never wake," Shelley said.

"We are so lucky and grateful."

Mrs Davies is herself a senior nurse in Nambour's ICU.

She has seen countless families deal with their own emergencies, but this one involved her own daughter.

The image of Rebecca strapped to the medical trolley, ready to be airlifted, is being replayed nightly in her dreams.

"I see her on the gurney, packed up ready to go," Christine said.

"I just see that.

"I wake every morning at four o'clock seeing that.

"It's just the aftermath, we're all feeling very tired, the adrenalin is wearing off."

Christine and her husband Gary, along with their daughters, are urging all skateboarders to learn from Rebecca's ordeal and always wear a helmet.

They also are praising the "world-class service" received at the Nambour hospital that saved Rebecca's life.

"We just wanted to say thank you to them."