Do you know the indication rules on a roundabout?
Do you know the indication rules on a roundabout? Trevor Veale

Do you know the indication rules on roundabouts?

FULL disclosure - I once was a prolific incorrect indicator on roundabouts and my father is to blame.

We lived in a country town where there were no traffic lights - instead there were lots and lots of roundabouts. Dad told me the rule was to only indicate as you're about exit - so naturally, myself and my Volvo 244 sedan (I know!) were a living stereotype around town.

It wasn't until I got into a heated argument with a mate in Brisbane about my indicating that I was forced to Google the rules.

Red faced, I learned that, in fact, drivers must indicate when approaching the roundabout, when planning to turn left or right and always when exiting the roundabout by using the left indicator. The shame was only mitigated by sending the link to my dad to prove he'd set me up for failure behind the wheel.

Parents usually take the lead in teaching their children how to drive but, if they've been driving for decades, it's often also been decades since they sat their own driving test.

Road rules and even etiquette have changed over time. That's why it's always worth taking a few minutes to refresh your driving knowledge online to make sure you're up to speed before you pass any bad habits onto the young drivers in your family.

There are plenty of things your children will blame you for - don't make bad driving one of them.