Do the tax sums again, Bechtel workers warned

ACCOUNTANTS should all now have a copy of the letter that was sent from the Australian Tax Office to Bechtel employees on Curtis Island.

It says the Australian Taxation Office "is concerned that some Bechtel employees are claiming deductions they are not entitled to".

We revealed last week up to 5000 workers could be affected. The letter reminds workers there won't be consequences for claims resubmitted before October 31, but warns future audits that do turn up incorrect claims could attract penalties.

Gladstone accountants are now preparing to sit down with clients for a "desk audit" to ensure claims are legitimate after the tax office issued a Bechtel-specific fact sheet to Curtis Island workers.

Sothertons accountant Steve Marsten said workers who have documents to support their claims have nothing to worry about.

However those who claimed items such as ferry travel - or any item they didn't actually pay for - should revisit their taxes.

Mr Marsten said the average return would come back at about 3% of a person's taxable income, although he knows of some workers who received closer to 10%.

"Those will be the ones the tax office is looking at," Mr Marsten said.