Police are confident they will find more of the 13-year-old’s remains in Glasshouse Mountains swampland.
Police are confident they will find more of the 13-year-old’s remains in Glasshouse Mountains swampland. Contributed

DNA shows bones are Daniel's

DANIEL Morcombe's family can finally grieve the teenager's death with DNA results confirming they have found his muddy burial site.

The Morcombe family was in shock yesterday after police revealed three bones found in Glasshouse Mountains swampland belonged to Daniel.

Parents Bruce and Denise and brothers Bradley and Dean were comforted by family and friends at their Palmwoods home.

“Today's news is extremely sad for all of us,” the Morcombe family said in a statement.

“Although we knew in our heart that the search area was Daniel's final resting place, the scientific confirmation is still enormously difficult to comprehend.

“For seven years and nine months it is that expected shock we have all been waiting for.”

The search will resume at the primary site off Kings Rd, where police are confident they will find more of Daniel's remains.

The two Globe shoes located near the bones are still being tested.

Police have guarded the crime scene since August 13 when Brett Peter Cowan, 41, was charged with murdering Daniel and burying him in the bushland.

Morcombe family lawyer Peter Boyce yesterday said the family would finally be able to say goodbye to their son.

“The good thing is that at the end of the day they did want to know and they always wanted to know where their son was,” Mr Boyce said.

“Now they have that answer.

“They won't die wondering about what happened to him and where he was.”

Scientists working overtime at a laboratory in Adelaide revealed the DNA results to police late on Saturday night.

Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson told the family of the news yesterday morning before it was announced to the public about 11.30am.

“I think there was certain harshness to this news today for them,” he said.

“It's a very sad day for them but at least it's the answer.”

Mr Atkinson described the investigation as having two aspects – to track down the person responsible for Daniel's disappearance and to bring the 13-year-old's remains home to his parents.

He said yesterday's milestone was “enormously significant”.

“I think all of us who have been involved ... all felt quite strongly about this particular investigation,” Mr Atkinson said.

“Fortunately here in Queensland I think we have a very good and safe quality of life and when things like this happen I think it brings the community together to find answers and find a solution.”

Daniel disappeared on December 7, 2003.