Divisions stir up debate with 77% of poll voters in favour

OBSERVER readers are in favour of the Gladstone council area being split into divisions, with 77% of people voting in our online poll in favour of the idea.

>>> Does the council need divisions to improve representation? >>>

However, those who made comments about the story are less definite, with a slight majority satisfied with the status quo.

Councillor Leo Neill-Ballantine has suggested the council discuss introducing divisions.

Commenting on Facebook, Julie-Anne Schulz said Bundaberg Regional Council had councillors representing divisions, and when she lived there the councillor who represented the division had done a great job.

"It would work better than it does now. No-one knows who to go to here in Gladstone," she said.

However, readers happy with the way things are said residents could approach any councillor about anything.

Online commenter PeterPiper said he would rather have eight councillors looking after him.

"What happens if I get one of the lazy ones (as we presently have on council)?" he asked.