PANORAMIC VIEW: Climbers were rewarded with a picturesque view from the top of Mt Robert.
PANORAMIC VIEW: Climbers were rewarded with a picturesque view from the top of Mt Robert. Brooke Barnes

Diverse group of adventurers commit to intense journey

THE annual Mt Robert climb was held on the weekend with seventeen people taking on the mental and physical challenge of hiking up the highest point between Toowoomba and Townsville.

On Sunday morning, a broad range of people took to the mountain at Ubobo at Dawes National Park and braced themselves for the trek that lay ahead.

With the youngest hiker aged seven and the eldest over 70, this adventure-seeking group from the Boyne Valley Adventure Club was as diverse and impressive as they come.

"It's a seven to eight-hour hike in total, but that time is really based on your ability and how long you stop each time to take in the scenery," live clean ambassador and community development officer Rebecca Smith said.

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"There were some challenges along the journey, but that's what we all love about the adventure. It's such a personal, internal challenge. You can choose the hardest way or the easiest way up, it's your call."

Mrs Smith, along with Harmony Farms owner Dennis Martin, led the climb.

"To get there you have to go through Dennis's property ... and he's done the hike a bunch of times too," Mrs Smith, who's completed the challenge five years in a row, said.

"It's extremely addictive .... and once the muscles aren't as sore, you think 'let's do it again'."


Along the way, the adventurers split into smaller groups determined by how fast each individual was travelling.

"It's not just for the extreme. I've been up with some people who you wouldn't think would make it ... It's all about that challenge against yourself," Mrs Smith said.

Though the hike up the mountain was far from easy, the lush rainforest along the way and the picturesque view at the top made the struggle worthwhile.

"Yes, there was blood, there was sweat and there were tears ... but that panoramic view of our region at the top and the diversity of the bush makes it a satisfying journey," she said.

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"It's something we don't get to experience very often and it's so rewarding to see the looks on people's faces who thought they couldn't do it when they realise they did it.

"It's great to be able to encourage them to overcome that obstacle."

The Boyne Valley Adventure Club is a not-for-profit group. with a $35 membership joining fee. Harmony Farms is a drug and alcohol-free place open to visitors embarking on a variety of offered adventures.