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Diva Demolition kick off night in true style

KISS fans have arrived at the Stadium plastered with face paint, dressed in black rock and roll gear, high boots, covered in paraphernalia and they are ready to see their idols perform.

Rockers young and old arrived early to Virgin Australia Stadium for the concert of a lifetime.

As Diva Demolition took to the stage a night of rock and roll began.

The vibe is relaxed and as the sun sets over Mackay 12,000 people are ready to rock and roll to arguably the world's biggest and best rock legends.

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Tracy Battersby: On my way to KISS baby !!

Dee Dunworth: Can hear the Kiss concert quite nicely from home, thank you very much. I am sure we will know when Kiss take the stage!

Brad Geiger: Time to get my KISS on!!!! KEEEEEEEEEN!

Maria Therese Cutajar: That awkward moment when ur driving and u look at the car beside u and it is a car full of kiss fans with their faces painted lol

Antoinette Lake: Who needs to go to the Kiss concert, when u can hear it, (and feel it) from ur house! Lol

Jenny 'Davis' Bailey: We just saw Gene Simmons, he was looking out the window at us throwing guitar picks to us, we missed it, the wind took it over our heads :-(

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