Netflix fans too scared to sleep after watching The Platform


Netflix fans are too scared to sleep after watching gory new horror film The Platform.

The Spanish thriller is relatively new to the online streaming giant, which has been keeping subscribers entertained during coronavirus lockdown.

But some film fanatics got more than they bargained for when they tuned into the movie, with the synopsis reading: "A slab of food descends floor by floor in a prison.

"The inmates above eat heartily, leaving those below starving and desperate. A rebellion is imminent."

Netflix's new horror movie, The Platform, is terrifying viewers.
Netflix's new horror movie, The Platform, is terrifying viewers.


Taking to Twitter after watching, one shaken viewer wrote: "The Platform on Netflix was Blair Witch level scary.

"If you regularly sleep or eat, prepare to be terrified. All the lights are on now in my apartment.

"Really doesn't help that my studio apartment is about the size of the jail cells in the movie."

Another wrote: "The Platform is a f***ing insane movie! WTF AM I WATCHING?"

A third agreed: "I thought that The Human Centipede was the most f**ked up movie I've ever watched but then I watched Platform and HOL(Y) SH*T."







The Human Centipede is a 2009 Dutch horror about a warped doctor who kidnaps three tourists for a sick experiment - surgically joining them mouth to anus.

Another horrified The Platform viewer wrote: "This movie called The Platform on Netflix is absolutely the craziest sh*t I've ever seen in my life."

One revealed that they had to stop watching after just 20 minutes, sharing: "I was watching The Platform and 20 minutes in, I had to stop because it felt very disturbing.

"I have read the whole synopsis instead & I'm so glad I stopped early on."

This is not the first time that Netflix fans have been left on edge by a horror, with The Hole In The Ground, The Witch, and Within also getting huge attention on social media.

Others were left "too scared to finish" series Ares - which tracks gory cult initiations.

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