A Russian influencer who filmed himself launching a motorbike off a dock in Bali has gone into hiding, after coming under fire from locals.

Local police say they may launch an investigation into the social media stunt, which has enraged people across Indonesia.

Two videos filmed at the Tanah Ampo Port in Bali's Karangasem regency were uploaded to Instagram last week. The videos showed the man - who has over 4.8 million followers on Instagram - driving the motorbike with a female friend standing with one foot on the back seat as he plunged the bike into the water.

The stunt has been described as ‘reckless’ and ‘disrespectful’. Picture: Coconuts/Instagram
The stunt has been described as ‘reckless’ and ‘disrespectful’. Picture: Coconuts/Instagram

Not everyone was impressed with the daredevil stunt. Viewers began to criticise the man - according to the Coconuts website, the stunt was described by commenters as "reckless" and "disrespectful". They also condemned him because of the environmental repercussions of plunging a motorcycle into the ocean.

Indonesia's environmental protection law prohibits illegal dumping of waste into the environment, and offenders could face up to three years in prison and a fine of IDR3 billion ($A280,589).

The videos have since been deleted, and the man has changed his account to a private setting.

He attempted to defend his actions, writing on Instagram "I apologised to residents of Bali and deleted posts … I bought the bike, not rented, and we got it out of the ocean 30 minutes after it got there, nothing came out of it, it is not broken. We present (sic) it to the locals they are already using it.

" … we are also doing charity work, helping kids in Bali, I think thanks to this situation we can draw more attention to the problem, record a joint video and raise more money for children …"

Screen grab of the videos from Facebook / Canggu Community
Screen grab of the videos from Facebook / Canggu Community

But Balinese designer and politician Niluh Djelantik, who was particularly critical of the social media stunt, shunned the apology, writing, "Law is law, and you broke it. You didn't think of the outcome when you made this video.

"You thought you may gain more likes and followers but in reality you've lost 100,000 followers overnight since I posted your disgrace (sic) action.

"Time for you to learn that Indonesian people will unite when a person like you come (sic) to our country and disrespect our culture."

According to reports, the Tanah Ampo Port (which is no longer operational) is actually closed to the public, and police have admonished the local government for allowing members of the public to access the pier.

According to the Coconuts website, Local Police Chief Ni Nyoman Suartini said the motorbike was indeed given to a local fisherman, and police have since seized the vehicle for evidence in the ongoing investigation.

Originally published as 'Disrespectful': Model's Bali stunt slammed