Alex Jesaulenko’s daughter stuck solid when she confronted Kane Cornes on his radio show about calling her dad’s famous mark 'overrated'.
Alex Jesaulenko’s daughter stuck solid when she confronted Kane Cornes on his radio show about calling her dad’s famous mark 'overrated'.

‘Disrespectful’: Footy icon’s icy radio dispute blows up

Port Adelaide great Kane Cornes is still in the wrong, according to the daughter of AFL legend Alex Jesaulenko, after he called his famous grand final mark "overrated".

Cornes said last weekend on the Sunday Footy Show the iconic grab, taken during the 1970 grand final between Collingwood and Carlton and accompanied by the "Jesaulenko, you beauty!" piece of commentary, was "overrated" and many better marks have been taken.

Eddie McGuire ripped into Cornes for his claim while Kate Jesaulenko blasted him on radio during the week, finding it "disgusting" and "disgraceful" the Power legend would say such a thing about her dad.

Cornes invited Kate onto his SEN SA radio show on Friday morning to try and clear the air, but she was sticking to her guns. The 300-gamer maintained he wasn't calling Jesaulenko overrated as a footy player or a person, but was only referring to that one mark.

Kate wasn't having it though, adamant Cornes should have chosen his words better, reiterating she found his comment "disgraceful".

Both made their points respectfully but in the end had to agree to disagree.

Here's how their exchange panned out.

Kate: "I just want to make this really clear. It's not about dad's mark, whether dad's mark was the greatest of all time. He himself says he took better marks at training. What infuriated me was you saying 'overrated', using the word 'overrated' of a champion of the game, of a legend of the game. Sure, say there are better marks out there but I don't know who you think you are calling out and saying it's overrated. I think there are a few better words that you could have used."

Jesaulenko’s mark will live in footy folklore forever.
Jesaulenko’s mark will live in footy folklore forever.

Cornes: "OK, I was talking about the mark itself and I think the mark has been overblown in itself and if you are comparing it to some of the other great marks in the competition I think it is overrated. So I stand by my comments that it is overrated but I do want to clear up the point that never did I ever question your father's status in the game, never did I ever question his input and his role in the game of AFL football and the role that he has had on hundreds of thousands of kids growing up and saying, 'Jesaulenko, you beauty!' So I just wanted to clear that up. I was merely talking about the mark itself and I'll stand by that, Kate. Do you think you were a bit worked up and you did overreact to my comments?"

Kate: "No I don't think I overreacted at all and I stand by what I say where your wording is completely incorrect and I think it's completely disrespectful and disgraceful. To call such an iconic moment overrated, like I said there's a better choice of words for you to use. Say, 'There's better marks out there'. That's cool, no problem. I have no issues with that and there obviously are and that's not a problem. But to call a legend of the game overrated I think is a very poor choice of words and it's just coming from a daughter who loves her father. He's a better father than he ever was a footballer and a man of complete integrity who never says a bad word about anybody. I think, Kane, if you see the reaction you got from the (Sunday Footy Show) panel and from Eddie (McGuire), people do actually agree with me so that's my point."

Cornes: "Certainly there are some people that agree with you Kate and certainly there's some people who agree with me and that's my role is to have an opinion. But I just want to make it clear that I never called your father overrated. I called the mark overrated. I just want you to be crystal clear on that."

Kate: "I am, I'm very crystal clear on that. I think it was a bad choice of words, Kane."

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