Wade Matthew Ashurst outside Ipswich Courthouse.
Wade Matthew Ashurst outside Ipswich Courthouse.

Disqualified driver caught red-handed in car park

A DISQUALIFIED driver who was busted by police when out shopping at a supermarket said it was his mother who drove his car there.

But his mum was apparently not found with him and Wade Ashurst held the keys to his car parked outside, an Ipswich court heard.

Wade Matthew Ashurst, 30, from Willowbank, went before Ipswich Magistrates Court on Monday and pleaded guilty to driving a motor vehicle when disqualified by court order at Yamanto on September 11 last year.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Bridie O'Shea said police officers did a registration check on the car parked outside Woolworths Yamanto at 10.40am and noted that Ashurst, its registered owner, was disqualified from driving by a court order for a previous offence.

When spoken to at the supermarket, Ashurst denied driving.

"(He) said his mother drove him. We couldn't locate his mother and he paid for his groceries," Snr Const O'Shea said.

"He had possession of the car keys."

Defence lawyer Kelsea Read said Ashurst was fined and disqualified by the Ipswich court in March last year for driving when disqualified.

"He lives with his mother. He instructs that she did drive the car but he moved the car closer to load groceries into the car," Ms Read said.

Ms Read, in her submission on penalty, sought either a fine or suspended jail order.

She said Ashurst was not working following a knee injury that he suffered when assaulted in November.

Magistrate David Shepherd rebuked Ashurst for ignoring the court order.

"When a court says don't drive it means don't drive even though it is in a shopping centre car park," Mr Shepherd said.

Ashurst was fined $500 and disqualified from driving for two more years.

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