The dead turtle at Woodgate.
The dead turtle at Woodgate.

‘DISGUSTING’: Turtle washes up with arrow in its throat

LOCALS have reacted with disgust after spotting a washed-up turtle with what appears to be an arrow embedded in its throat.

A woman who brought the image to the attention of the NewsMail said it was "disgusting" that someone had committed such an act.

The image is believed to have been captured in Woodgate this week.

It is not known if the turtle was already deceased when the object was stabbed into it.

The woman who captured the image said there had been sharks in the water.

Queensland's sea turtle varieties fall either into the vulnerable or endangered categories.

While some hunting is allowed for indigenous people, anyone acting outside of strict rules can be fined for causing death to vulnerable marine species.

In 2018, two men were fined $17,000 for killing two green turtles and a dugong off Hervey Bay.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Environment and Science urged anyone who had spotted unusual acts on wild animals - dead or alive - to call their reports line straight away.

Anyone with concerns can call 1300 130 372 and select option one.