UK In Fourth Week Of Coronavirus Lockdown As Death Toll Exceeds 10,000
UK In Fourth Week Of Coronavirus Lockdown As Death Toll Exceeds 10,000

‘Disgusting’: Man with a disability ‘attacked’ by youths

A witness has spoken about a "disgusting" attack on a man with a disability by young teenagers at a Kin Kora McDonalds on Thursday.

Sue Ellen Walk wrote on social media about the brazen attack she witnessed about lunchtime.

She said a group of pre-teens and teenagers were making fun of a man with a disability and had even "poured soft drink and ice cream" all over him in the car park.

"The disgusting behaviour and language from a group of pre teens/teens was shocking," Ms Walk said.

"(They were) laying over the chairs and tables, shoes up on the tables, putting food, drink everywhere and making fun of a man with a disability.

"Then they proceeded to go out side and throw ice cream and soft drink all over him as he was getting in his car."

Ms Walk said the teens came back and continued their "disgusting" behaviour inside the McDonald's store.

"They spread out to the outdoor eating area and continued to stand all over the tables and yell abuse at cars leaving the drive through," she said.

"Police were called but failed to show while we were there."

The Observer contacted Ms Walk who verified her comments made on social media.

The Observer contacted Gladstone Police to see if they were called to the incident.

Acting Senior Sergeant Brad Foat said police could not find any calls for service.

"This may mean that police were never contacted, in which we would not be able to make comment," he said.

Gladstone Community Linking Agency chairperson Judith Young said they were very disappointed with this type of behaviour in this day and age.

"People who have a disability are equal members of society, and should be able to go about their normal business in the community without being harassed," she said.

"That is a basic human right and other members of the community should respect that."

The Observer contacted the Kin Kora McDonald's owner who declined to comment.