Discounted de-sexing may run again: council

DISCOUNTED de-sexing could be available again this year if the council decides last year's program was a success.

The 2014 campaign offered pensioners and health care card holders de-sexing for $50 per animal in a bid to reduce the number of stray animals wandering the streets.

More than 70 animals were de-sexed during a five-day visit from the RSPCA Queensland PAWS unit, which travels the state de-sexing and micro chipping animals for low-income earners.

In July last year when it was decided the council would participate in the program, councillor Karen Porter said the introduction of the PAWS unit was a good first step but did not go far enough.

"The council needs to take more proactive steps to tackle the number of feral animals," she said.

The Gladstone Regional Council has yet to decide if it will go ahead with the campaign again this year, but released this statement.

"Council staff are currently reviewing the success of the program in conjunction with other options for increasing the desexing of animals.

"A recommendation will be provided to council in the coming months."