It was sent to Austria five different times. Picture: Reddit
It was sent to Austria five different times. Picture: Reddit

Disbelief at ridiculous postal mistake

ONE Australian was forced to wait two months for his package to be delivered and was left in disbelief when he discovered the ridiculous reason for the delay.

His brother uploaded a photo of the late package to Reddit, with the caption: "My brother waited 2 months for this package to arrive."

One look at the delivery makes the reason it took so long very clear.

The package had mistakenly been sent to Austria five times before finally being delivered to Australia.

There were five stamps on the package that read "Missent to Austria" and it seems even the postal workers in Austria were getting fed up with the package continually being sent to them because next to the last stamp they wrote "AGAIN".

"Only a special kind of stupid," one Reddit user commented about the error.

It seems that other users have had very similar experiences

"In South Australia we have a stamp for stuff meant for South Africa," one user wrote.

"I live in Austria and my family add 'EUROPE' to my address due to Christmas presents having been sent to Australia instead, several times, so this definitely goes both ways," another added.