IN COURT: A disqualified driver was given a six-month suspended sentence.
IN COURT: A disqualified driver was given a six-month suspended sentence.

Disappearing disqualified driver has his day in court

HE showed up to court, went missing, had a warrant issued, and then showed up again.

Dylan Anthony Litzow, 26, eventually had his matter heard in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday where he pleaded guilty to disqualified driving.

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Police prosecutor Kelvin Boyd said on May 31, Litzow was intercepted on the Dawson Highway with three passengers in the car.

Checks showed Litzow was disqualified by a court order.

Litzow told police he knew he was not allowed to drive as he had never held a licence.

He also told them he didn’t know about the disqualification because he hadn’t attended court that day due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Litzow’s lawyer Bianca Wierland said on May 31 Litzow’s father had asked him to pick him up.

Litzow told his father he couldn’t, but his father guilted him into driving.

Magistrate Bevan Manthey said Litzow had a shocking history with six unlicensed driving type offences.

“I’m disgusted and appalled with the number of disqualified driving offences coming through this court,” Mr Manthey said.

“It’s contemptuous behaviour, it’s arrogant, it’s in complete defiance of a court order.”

Litzow was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment, immediately suspended for two years.

He was disqualified from driving for two years.