‘Dirty cash’ lawyer wins bid to ditch tracker

AN EMBATTLED criminal defence lawyer charged with laundering dirty cash and ripping off taxpayers has won his bid to take off a tracking device on his ankle as part of his bail conditions.

Adam Raydon Magill, 48, from Holland Park, applied to the Supreme Court on April 8 seeking to vary the conditions of his bail which were made by the Magistrates Court on January 22.

Two days later, Justice Jean Dalton ordered Magill be allowed on bail without having to be fitted with a GPS tracking device, and without having to comply with strict conditions governing the ankle bracelet.

A new condition of bail has also been added, requiring Magill to comply with coronavirus lockdown rules which began last month "or any subsequent direction from the Queensland Chief Health Officer", which ban him from leaving his home aside from essential shopping, medical, exercise, work, court or helping a needy family member.


Lawyer Adam Magill outside Brisbane Magistrates Court. Picture: AAP/Glenn Hunt
Lawyer Adam Magill outside Brisbane Magistrates Court. Picture: AAP/Glenn Hunt



Magill is facing charges of money laundering, defrauding Legal Aid, and fraudulently falsifying, destroying or damaging a record.

He is accused by police of secretly pocketing $200,000 of drug money as payment for defending a pair of drug kingpin brothers between 2013 and 2017.

Police allege the brothers allegedly later destroyed their ledger recording the illegal cash drops.

At the time he was charged he denied the charges.

Magill's other bail conditions which are continuing include a ban on contacting 47 people including former client, the high profile ice kingpin Ivan Tesic.

Magill fathered a child with Tesic's ex-fiancee bikini model Natalie Lucas while Tesic was on remand in prison.

Magill is also banned from contacting convicted white collar criminal Matthew Perrin and Daniel Milos, a Toowong restaurateur who has pleaded guilty to cocaine trafficking.

He is also banned from contacting or communicating with eight former colleagues, who are either barristers or solicitors in Brisbane.

He has a 10pm to 5am curfew and has surrendered his passport and agreed not to leave the state.

Magill must appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on August 7.

Originally published as 'Dirty cash' lawyer wins bid to ditch tracker