Dinosaur card collection roars into action: don't miss out!

THE Observer's exciting Dinosaur Collector Card series has roared into action in your newspaper this week, and no matter your favourite - Brontosaurus or Brachiosaurus, T-Rex or Triceratops - you are likely to find it in our beautifully illustrated collection.

There a 40 unique cards to hunt down filled with wild and hairy facts that will keep your little dino lover amused for hours.

For a totally fun interactive experience, hop online and enter a prehistoric world of entertainment where you can build your own dinosaur, play our exciting games or complete a puzzle.

Think you know everything there is to know about dinosaurs? Take our tricky online quiz and be crowned your town's honorary dinosaur expert.

Tune in on June 3 and you will even get a chance to ask our very own Dr Dinosaur some tricky questions of your own.

How to do the dino stomp

You can redeem a token from The Observer newspaper and exchange it for a set of two cards from participating newsagents.

The Dinosaur Collector Card series runs until Saturday, June 21.

There are two chances to win a T-Rex figurine each day and an opportunity to enter the draw for a must-have box-set of four dinosaur figurines.

Collect the cards, swap them, hop online and have roaring fun doing it.


Chat with Queensland dinosaur expert

To help everyone learn more about these amazing beasts from the past, APN is hosting a live chat with Queensland's own dinosaur expert.

Dr Steve Salisbury is a senior lecturer at The University of Queensland and Research Associate of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburg, USA.

His team's research focuses on the evolution of Australian dinosaurs and crocodilians, and the prehistoric world they inhabited. 

Steve conducts regular expeditions to central-western Queensland, The Kimberley, New Zealand and Antarctica. 

You can throw questions at him on Tuesday, June 3 from 11am to noon. Click on the link above to register for the chat so you can receive a friendly email reminder.

If you have a question that you want answered about Dinosaurs and you want to submit it before the live chat email marketing@apn.com.au