SUPER EXCITED: Alex Howarth, 8, loves everything about dinosaurs.
SUPER EXCITED: Alex Howarth, 8, loves everything about dinosaurs. Chris Ison

Family pulls out all stops to collect dinosaur cards

DINOSAUR fanatic Alex Haworth, 8, has done a dino-mite job at collecting all 40 dinosaur cards and also winning a dinosaur figurine.

Alex's mum, Jenny, said her son gets "super, super excited about everything dinosaur".

"His grandmother mentioned the promotion to him, then that was it, we had to buy the paper every day," Mrs Haworth said.

Alex hasn't taken the token collecting lightly, with Jurassic measures coming into play.

"My workmates have been collecting the tokens for him too and when he won the figurine I didn't believe him," she said.

"We were driving along and he said 'I've got a win' and I asked him if he read it properly and he said, 'Mum, I won the dinosaur' so I had to pull over and celebrate with him."

Mrs Haworth said Alex has always loved dinosaurs.

"He doesn't really have a favourite. He talks about all of them, he loves them all," she said.

"He has even taken the cards, the figurine and the posters into show-and-tell at school this week."

To take part in the dino fun, all you have to do is redeem a token from The Observer, follow the big footprints into a participating newsagent and exchange it for a set of two cards.

But the excitement doesn't end there.

Jump onto to enter a prehistoric world where you can play games and read up on some fun dinosaur facts.