Dingo pup drowns in crab pot on Fraser Island

RANGERS are urging fishers to set crab pots in areas away from tidal exposure after a dingo pup drowned in a crab pot on Fraser Island .

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Senior Ranger Dan Clifton said birds, turtles and other wildlife could become entangled in crab pots.

"A member of the public called the dingo hotline on Saturday October 3 to report a pup had drowned after apparently being caught in a crab pot set by people from a houseboat in Garry's Anchorage on the island's south-western side," Mr Clifton said.

"The witness was on another boat, and saw the unfortunate result the next morning after hearing dingoes howling the previous night.

Rangers are conducting an investigation into this incident.

"We've been able to retrieve the pup's body and it was an untagged male about three months old," Mr Cliftonj sa

"It seems the pup stuck its head into the crab pot to get the bait when the tide was low, then couldn't get out, and when the tide came in, it drowned.

"This can happen to other wildlife.

"Please don't turn your urge for a feed of crabs into a death sentence for other animals. Take care where you place crab pots, and check them regularly.

"The witness was understandably distressed and angry. At his suggestion we are looking at getting information out to Fraser Island and Great Sandy Strait visitors about using crab pots safely, in the interests of protecting wildlife from getting stuck.

Dingo incidents should be reported to the dingo hotline on 4127 9150, or via email dingo.ranger@npsr.qld.gov.au