A dingo lazing about on Fraser Island.
A dingo lazing about on Fraser Island.

Dingo encounters on island ‘to be expected:’ group

A DINGO advocacy group has downplayed claims that Fraser Island visitors are experiencing an astonishing number of encounters with the animals.

A Right to Information report revealed a boy was chased by dingoes and a woman had her hair pulled while she was asleep in two of the dozens of encounters on the island last year.

Documents released under Right to Information reveal at least 160 incident reports involving dingoes on the island, also known as K'gari, were lodged with the Environment Department in about a three-month period to May.

But Cheryl Bryant from Save the Fraser Island Dingoes said there was nothing unusual in dingoes approaching campsites.

"After all it's their territory people are invading," she said.

"f you want to camp on K'gari then be prepared for a visit from the resident wildlife, be it a goanna or a curious dingo, the majority of encounters with the dingo population are positive and visitors appreciate the opportunity of seeing a dingo in its natural environment."

Ms Bryant said an interaction report was generated whenever a dingo was sighted, regardless of the animal's behaviour.

"If visitors follow the rules and regulations, such as keeping campsites secure and keeping children close, there really shouldn't be an issue," she said.

Authorities are urging visitors to be "dingo-safe", with at least 22 people slapped with fines in 2019 for failing to keep food away from the animals and another 12 warned.