Gov says destroying dingoes on Fraser Island last resort

A DINGO that bit a boy on Fraser Island last year has been destroyed.

In the September incident, the dingo sank its teeth into the six-year-old's bottom.

A Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service spokesperson said the decision to euthanise the dingo came after the animal had been involved in similar incidents.

The dog had tried to bite a seven-year-old child just weeks after the attack on the six-year-old. It also had caused seven other threatening situations.

Many of those incidents also involved children.

"Unfortunately this dingo presented an unacceptable risk, and under the Fraser Island Dingo Conservation and Risk Management Strategy, QPWS made the decision to capture and humanely destroy the animal," the QPWS spokesperson said.

"Euthanasia is a last resort but the safety of people on Fraser Island must come first."

The animal was put down on November 26, making it one of two dingoes to be destroyed on Fraser Island last year.

So far this year, four dingoes have been euthanised on the island.

Three of those involved sick or injured dingoes and one because it was identified as a high-risk animal.

The QPWS spokesperson asked Fraser Island residents and visitors to the island to report any negative dingo encounters to a ranger or to phone 13 QGOV.