A Sydney woman called Amanda has ordered Deliveroo 786 times in the last three years.
A Sydney woman called Amanda has ordered Deliveroo 786 times in the last three years.

Is this NSW's laziest woman?

WE know cooking can be a pain, but this is next level.

Deliveroo has a customer that could be Sydney's laziest woman.

Amanda has ordered 786 times since the food delivery service started three years ago.

That's an order every 1.3 days. It's also a lot of nights without cooking or washing up. Go Amanda!

She's closely followed by Matt who's placed 753 orders in the last 1095 days.

That's a lot of money spent on takeaway. But there's another woman who takes the crown for that.

This year, one hungry customer in Sydney placed an order for $5500 worth of Chinese food.

There was so much food the order had to be delivered by 29 riders.

The company has no idea whether the order was for someone having a massive dinner party or someone who was really drunk.

To celebrate its third birthday, Deliveroo has revealed the juicy facts about the eating habits of customers across Australia.

Turns out the biggest fried chicken lovers live in our capital, where residents are more likely to order KFC than anywhere else in Australia.

Fried American foods are the most popular choice across the country in general.

New South Wales has the country's healthiest customers, who are most likely to order a salad or a poke bowl.

Deliveroo operates in 10 cities across Australia - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Geelong and Wollongong and Penrith.

Chief executive Will Shu made his very first delivery in London on February 18, 2013 after he moved to the city and realised there was a market for having food delivered at all hours of the day.

He came from New York where working hours on Wall Street in the 2000s saw him rely on "comfort food" deliveries.

Deliveroo country manager Levi Aron said the company was proud of what it had achieved in Australia.

"Australia is a country world-renowned for its love of good food," he said.