Darren Boettcher.
Darren Boettcher. David Nielsen

Developers 'pushing the envelope' with subdivisions

AN IPSWICH real estate agent says developers and investors are "pushing the envelope" when it comes to subdivisions.

Agent Darren Boettcher said the concept of large lot living was rapidly changing with many investors interested only in subdividing blocks.

He said Karalee in particular was experiencing the shift with investors, along with developers, snapping up big blocks.

"I was showing a house on a weekend and had one come in, I asked him if I could show him around," Mr Boettcher said.

"The man told me he was only there to look at the land and when I said the block couldn't be subdivided, he just walked out."

That's one example of a trend Mr Boettcher has noticed across the city.

"Ipswich is traditionally large blocks of about 1000 sqm," Mr Boettcher said.

"A lot of property has already been subdivided. Developers and investors are pushing the envelope. They just look on the map and see a big block - that's what they are after."

That doesn't mean large lot living is not attainable.

Paradise Heights is a new estate where blocks as large as 5100 square metres are on offer.

Under current rules, those blocks can't be subdivided.

But Mr Boettcher warns, it doesn't mean the rules won't change as the city grows.

"You can't subdivide those blocks now, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to in the future," he said.