Today in history: Obituaries for Gladstone locals

ON THIS day (December 9) in Gladstone history:


Obituary - Mr AE Holder: The sudden death of Mr Alfred Ernest Holder, which occurred at the Gladstone Hospital on November 21, came as a severe shock to his many friends and relatives.

The late Mr Holder, who was 65 years of age, was born at Moree, NSW, but had spent the greater part of his life in Gladstone and district where he was well known and highly respected.

He married Miss Mary Ann Ironmonger at Gladstone in 1915 and they reared a family of one son and five daughters, most of whom reside in Gladstone.

He was employed by the Calliope Shire Council and Main Roads Department before they came to reside in Gladstone to work at Swifts Meatworks.

He is survived by his wife and one son, Alfred William, also five daughters - Florence (Mrs MacKenzie, Gladstone), Julia (Mrs Spencer, Barmundu), Ruby (Mrs F Owbridge), and Joan (Mrs Prange) both of Gladstone, and Dorothy (Mrs Pearce, Alpha), to mourn their loss.


A man who was closely associated with the early settlement of Gladstone and District passed away on November 15.

He was Mr William David Bruce of Auckland Street.

The late Mr Bruce, who was 79 years of age, was born at Gladstone, his father at that time being the owner of the Commercial Hotel (Author's note: Now the Reef Hotel) and the Club Hotel.

In his early life, the late Mr Bruce was apprenticed to the saddler trade which he followed for some years.

He later drove the mail coach from Gladstone to Many Peaks and the Cania goldfields.

He purchased a property at Taragoola.

He is survived by his wife, Margaret, four daughters, Dorothy, Eileen (Dahl), Gert (Jefferis), Lilian (Prendergast) and two sons, Jack and Keith.