Community debate on council representation must be had

IT'S a debate that needs to be had.

There are rural people in our region who believe they are not getting a fair deal, and there are councillors who believe that it's time to talk about creating divisions to provide more equitable representation.

At present, Leo Neill-Ballantine is the only councillor who does not live in Gladstone City.

And he believes that's not particularly fair.

Problem is the way the council is set up at present the greater majority of people - who live within the city boundaries - will vote for the candidates they know best, and that most often means people within the city boundary.

We know it's a mission to have the structure of council changed, and that it will involve submissions to the State Government, but if it's what the majority want it's a mission worth taking on.

At least there should be an opportunity for the community - not just councillors - to sit down and have a debate about it.

If we end up with the status quo, at least the debate has been held.