A mock-up of of the proposed Philip St Communities Precinct.
A mock-up of of the proposed Philip St Communities Precinct. Contributed

Debate on Philip St Communities Precinct continues

THE contentious Philip St Communities Precinct requires a hefty investment of about $40 million to complete.

$9 million has been committed by the Australian Labor Party as an election promise, but it's this total that has the local community and some councillors debating its worth.

Gladstone's Church of Christ pastor Lyall Muller supports the community hub concept which will likely include the Community Advisory Service and GAPDL's communities for children.

"They're inaccessible now. If we had them in the one place that would be ideal I think," he said.

Gladstone & District Senior Citizens Club secretary Margaret Paterson said the retirement village's location was perfect but it should have an attached aged care facility.

"Retired people still can get out," she said.

"It's handy to the shops."

While facets of the project are attractive, the economics are a different story and Gladstone has been let down before.

"I don't think they'll get the funding," Ms Paterson said.

"I think it's all talk. I've lived in Gladstone for 35 years now; none of the governments have helped. It's all up to the Gladstone council."

But Mr Muller said if its important enough, ratepayers will have to help.

"I see it as valuable enough, nobody gets something for nothing," he said.


  • Identified as a community priority in 2008 as part of the Social Infrastructure Strategic Plan
  • Projected $40 million total cost
  • Up to seven hubs offering an array of community services
  • Open-air amphitheatre, playgrounds, public amenities and walking trails
  • Mixed-density residential allotments
  • Retirement village


  • Funding applications to State and Federal govt have all been rejected
  • Candidate for Flynn Chris Trevor's promise of $9 million is dependent on Federal Election outcome
  • Project depends on selling about 60 blocks of land in the area for $200,000 each
  • Current housing market dropped
  • If full amount is not found, local council will have to pick up the tab