Death threat for pro-life MPs

AT least two MPs who voted against a bill to decriminalise abortion in NSW because it will allow sex-selective terminations before 22 weeks have been sent death threats.

Police Minister David Elliott said he would ask Police Commissioner Mick Fuller to ensure the safety of Counter Terrorism Minister Anthony Roberts and Liberal MP Tanya Davies after threats were sent to their electorate offices.

"I'm a mother, I've got a young family and I'm simply standing up for what I believe in and for working hard to get this bill into a more humane and compassionate framework," Ms Davies said.

There are now appeals for an upper house inquiry, due to begin today, into the proposed laws to be stalled after it received more than 1000 submissions. Liberal MLC Natasha Maclaren-Jones, Christian Democrat MLC Fred Nile and Labor MLC Greg Donnelly yesterday wrote a letter to Premier Gladys Berejiklian begging her to "intervene" to allow more time for public consultation.

The trio are members of the social issues committee, which will examine the legislation.

"There has been much criticism of the parliament, its members, the government, and its ministers around how this bill has been handled," they wrote.

Meanwhile, upper house Greens MP Cate Faehrmann's Facebook account has named and shamed MPs who voted against the passage of the bill in a foul-mouthed post.

"These are the MPs that voted against abortion law reform in the lower house - with D***head, C**tology, F**kstick Central and Your A**hole," the post stated.

The MPs tagged were Labor MP Edmond Atalla, Labor MP Stephen Bali, Nationals MP Stephen Bromhead and Liberal MP Kevin Conolly.

Cate Faehrmann denied posting the offensive comments. Picture: Christian Gilles
Cate Faehrmann denied posting the offensive comments. Picture: Christian Gilles

The post was on her Greens account using party letterhead, but Ms Faehrmann said others had put the tag on her account.

"It's pretty disgraceful that someone would do that," she said last night.

The Greens describe themselves as "100% pro-choice".

Greens MPs Jenny Leong and Abigail Boyd are among 15 MPs co-sponsoring the bill.

Mr Elliott said he would wear the slur as a "badge of honour."

"It does highlight the quality of the debate coming from some of the advocates of this bill," he said.

"And (Health Minister) Brad Hazzard is happy to be photographed celebrating with these people."