Bart Thompson's beach bench has been removed
Bart Thompson's beach bench has been removed

Dear council, let Bart build benches on the beach


GLADSTONE Regional Council has responded to the petition to save Bart Thompson's Tannum Sands beach-bench.

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MORE than 500 people have signed a petition to help save Tannum Sands' beach-bench built by local Bart Thompson.

The seat on second beach, made from old skateboards, quickly became a Tannum Sands favourite earlier this month but the now it's been barred off from the public by council and Bart has taken his skateboards home.

The Observer first reported on the groovy seat when it was first built but things have taken a sharp downhill turn since then and the community isn't happy.

It was described as adding a pop of colour and a bit of comfort for beach-goers.

The petition, Let Bart Build Benches on the Beach, was created on Tuesday.

"Well, it looks like the council have come to ruin something genuinely good once again. This was something that I made for people use on their walks on the beach. To sit down, relax and have a conversation while their children/doggos play. It is in no way a danger or a liability," Bart wrote on social media.

"Some people told me this may happen, but I quickly dismissed it having full faith that people would see the good in the initiative.

"To whoever reported it or complained: I hope you're happy.

"To all that used and enjoyed the bench, cheers and thanks for all the positive feedback. However it looks like some good things just don't last. It will be relocated to my garden."

Using six old skateboards, some recycled timber and two Palm Trees, the Gladstone operations technician said it only took him a couple of hours to put together.


Bart Thompson's little slice of paradise has been removed
Bart Thompson's little slice of paradise has been removed

A spokesman from Gladstone Regional Council today said the bench did not meet relevant safety standards.

"It is Council's intention to work with local artists through many forums and Council recognises that art plays an important in our public spaces," he said.

"A policy has been developed to assist artists and Council in providing safe, accessible and engaging art pieces across our region.

"Council was informed of a bench seat at Tannum Sands. The seat was cordoned off for public safety before being removed by the artist.

Council is working with the artist to return this popular bench seat to the area in a safe manner for the enjoyment of all."