Dead croc found floating in Murray River

A DEAD crocodile has been found floating a long way from home in the Murray River.

The rotting croc, had been skinned around its body.

Brent Lodge, was out on the boat collecting rubbish when he saw the croc floating down the Murray River.

He said he initially thought it was a big Murray Cod or goanna when he first spotted it floating in the water.

Mr Lodge posted the an image to his Instagram page yesterday.




He had pulled the croc up on to the bank to get a picture of what appears to be a fresh water croc.

"Here is what I pulled out of the Murray river today while visiting back home in Barham," he wrote.

"Just to get one thing straight I did not skin it or any of that shit, I can't even fillet a fish let alone skin a croc, its how I pulled it off a bunch snags while I was picking up as much rubbish as I could.

"I thought it was a big dead Murray cod when I first seen it, it also has a hook in its mouth although it had no line attached.

"Bit of a shame really that he ended up like this."