Number of votes that didn't count rises to 9.5%

THE Electoral Commission of Queensland is expected to release results today in the councillor vote for the Gladstone Regional Council, including Calliope and Boyne. Counting for the councillor vote began on Sunday morning.

We will have live coverage of results and breaking news throughout Sunday. 

>> LATEST MONDAY COVERAGE: Breaking news and live result updates today

What we know so far: 

- We expect Boyne and Calliope result to be released today, as they are next in the alphabetical order

- For Mayor Matt Burnett has won a landslide victory

- Mayor Gail Sellers collected just 6544 votes

- Counting of councillor votes began at 10.30am Sunday morning

- Chris Trevor is leading with a 347 vote margin over his closest rival Rick Hansen

- The top eight candidates as of 10pm Sunday are:

Chris Trevor (1895) Rick Hansen (1548) Cindi Bush (1545) PJ Sobhanian (1451) Desley O'Grady (1431) Glenn Churchill (1352)  Karen Porter (1307) Peter Masters (1242) 



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>> LATEST MONDAY COVERAGE: Breaking news and live result updates today

DID your vote count?

The number of informal votes is currently at 493, meaning those votes didn't count.

It accounts for a staggering 9.5% of the 5,181 votes counted so far.

But most of the results haven't been released yet.

At first look, the ECQ website shows 41,448 votes have been counted, with 3994 informal votes.

But an ECQ spokesman said that could be confusing, as each vote counts for "eight votes" because there are eight councillor spots up for grabs.

A vote is considered invalid when the voter hasn't filled out the ballot paper correctly. 

We reported the results for Chanel late last night, and we are expecting the results for Calliope and Boyne today. 

6.50AM MONDAY: Welcome back to our live coverage of the 2016 Gladstone Regional Council election.

Yesterday some front-runners emerged in the councillor race with Chris Trevor, Cr Rick Hansen and Cindi Bush leading the way.

Today we'll see if they can hold on to their lead, and how the counting at more booths plays out.

We will have the latest results as they come in, with counting getting underway again this morning.


THE results from Chanel are in and it looks like Chris Trevor could be named deputy. He's ahead of his closest rivals by almost 350 votes holding 8% of the vote.

Of course his council has to agree to have him as the deputy, but Matt Burnett has said he would be inclined to follow the tradition - seeing the result as "a mandate from the people".

The numbers have shifted position after 7000 more votes were counted.

Rick Hansen is marginally ahead of Cindi Bush for the second spot and Lynette Dahl and Alex Staines are neck and neck holding into the race at number nine. 

(Numbers show the old positions)

1. Chris Trevor - 1391 - 1895 

4. Rick Hansen - 1100 - 1548

3. Cindi Bush - 1109 - 1545

6. PJ Sobhanian - 1024 - 1451

2. Desley O'Grady - 1161- 1431

7. Glenn Churchill - 966 - 1352 

5. Karen Porter - 1047 - 1307

8. Peter Masters - 917 - 1242

9. Lynette Dahl - 899 - 1145

10. Alex Staines - 809 - 1145

12. Kahn Goodluck - 779 - 1073

11. Alf Walker - 787 - 1032


DESPITE having endured an exhausting weekend candidates are unlikely to sleep easy tonight.

When ballot stopped being counted at 6pm there were a clear four leading the pack. However no results for the major Gladstone booths have been released yet.

An ECQ official said the results from Chanel were uploaded to their website, however they are yet to show on the page.

But results from Boyne and Chanel are expected to be available tomorrow morning.

For Lynette Dahl, who is sitting in ninth place, it's a nerve wracking experience.

All day as the results were coming in people were messaging her, "asking have you seen the results?"

She had. She was watching them like a hawk.

"I was absolutely stoked with my results in Agnes Water and Baffle Creek," said Ms Dahl, who polled well against most candidates at both booths.

"I'm used to being able to influence my outcomes. I can't do anything about this which is really hard, but we just have to wait."

In the morning Ms Dahl will be among those who head into the office to "scrutineer" the counting; it's a good opportunity to see how many times each name pops up on the ballot papers.

"There were always going to be those definite ones," Ms Dahl said. "Chris Trevor, Cindi Bush, Desley O'Grady and Rick Hansen I always thought that was going to be the case, always imagined them as the top four.

"I think it will be between myself and Peter Masters for the eight spot."

Counting has already started on the Calliope votes and the results for Chanel and Boyne will be up early in the morning. 

FULL RESULTS: Green pins have been counted 



AN ECQ official said the results from Chanel were uploaded to their website, however they are yet to show on the page.

But results from Boyne and Chanel are expected to be available tomorrow morning. Counting was also nearly finished for Calliope when the office closed at 6pm. We will update the results as soon as they become available.


THERE are obvious leaders in the race for a spot on council as of 9pm tonight.

Chris Trevor has gathered 7.95 per cent of the vote, while Desley O'Grady sits on a comfy 6.64% and Cindi Bush is at 6.34%.

But it's much less comfortable for rivals sitting at the back end of the top eight.

Glenn Churchill (ranked seventh as of 9pm) has gathered 5.52% of the vote and Peter Masters (ranked eighth) has gathered 5.24%.

But Lynette Dahl is hot on their heels, gathering 5.14% of the vote.

This is made all the more worrying for those bottom candidates, Mr Churchill and Mr Masters, as just 4.08% of the vote has been counted.

But Chanel is expected to change that uncertainty when it reveals a trend which is expected to be seen right through the inner-city Gladstone area.



BOTH Glenn Churchill and Peter Masters are holding onto their top eight positions by a whistle.

Lynette Dahl has gathered 899 votes, sitting just behind the pair who are both in the 900s.

The ECQ is expected to release the results of Chanel shortly, a key polling booth in Gladstone.

The booth accounts for a healthy chunk of the electorate.

Ms Dahl was among the latest group of candidates to fall out of the top eight.

Candidates have continued to drop in and out of the top eight as the race has remained tight during the counting of the opening three booths.

But it's highly likely most of these candidates will be on our new council.

This is what the top nine candidates said they would deliver the region prior to the election:




THE ECQ said they are planning to release results for the crucial Chanel polling station tonight.

The news comes as counting finishes for the night. But candidates are anxiously waiting the result in Chanel.

Chanel, a Gladstone polling station, accounts for a large slice of the electorate.

Candidates who perform at the booth will surge ahead.

Once the Chanel results are in we are likely to have a much clearer picture of who our new councillors and deputy mayor will be. 

So far, the ECQ has released the results of Benaraby, Agnes Water, and Baffle Creek.



A HANDFUL of candidates who have received between 800 to 1000 votes are in for a nervous wait as they sit on the edge of the top eight. 

Lynette Dahl has dropped out of the top eight into ninth spot.

She has won 899 votes, but is sitting behind Glenn Churchill at 966 votes and Peter Masters at 917.

Alex Staines will also be hoping for a surge, as he is sitting on 809 votes.

Six candidates have cracked 1000 votes, but Chris Trevor is the clear leader. 

Ms O'Grady has surged ahead of Cindi Bush, who is sitting at 1109.

Rick Hansen, PJ Sobhanian, and Karen Porter are the only other candidates to pass the 1000 mark. 

It's a nervous wait for a handful of candidates on the edge of the top eight.
It's a nervous wait for a handful of candidates on the edge of the top eight.


CHRIS Trevor has widened his lead over rival candidates, making it more likely that he will be Gladstone's next deputy mayor if he chooses to be.

The former member for Flynn is sitting on 981 votes, with the closest rival Desley O'Grady coming in with 759 votes.

Karen Porter is sitting on 728 votes, just ahead of Cindi Bush on 713 votes.

It's neck-and-neck for a handful of candidates hoping to make the final cut.

Peter Masters, Lynette Dahl, Glenn Churchill, and PJ Sobhanian are all in the 600s.

But Alf Walker, kahn Goodluck, and Alex Staines -- all sitting in the 500s -- could upset the order if they were to surge once counting begins in crucial polls in Gladstone. 

The latest results from ECQ.
The latest results from ECQ.



THE Electoral Commission of Queensland has finished counting just two booths and these are the candidates that are currently sitting in the top eight.

While not all of them may make the top eight once crucial polling booths - such as those in Gladstone - are counted, at least some of them are very likely to be our next councillors.

One of these candidates is likely to be our new deputy mayor.

We are expecting to hear the results from the Boyne polling booth, and then Clinton shortly.

Did you vote for these candidates? Have one last read over what they promised to do prior to the election. 




A TOTAL of 13, 224 votes have been counted, with just over 40,000 votes in the region.

While it's still early, we will have a better indication of who is likely to be elected to council and the position of deputy mayor.

We are expecting to hear these results within hours. 



Chris Trevor has propelled to a comfortable lead after the Baffle Creek votes were counted.

The former member for Flynn now leads with 598 votes, while Karen Porter is sitting at second on 494 votes.

Desley O'Grady, who was coming second in Agnes Water but has strong ties to that area, is now sitting at third with 462 votes.

FULL RESULTS: Baffle Creek & some Agnes Water booth

Alex Staines -- 307

Cindi Bush -- 370

Peter Masters -- 337

Natalia Muszkat -- 294

Jody McMullen -- 249

Lynette Dahl -- 377

Glenn Churchill -- 320

Chris Trevor -- 598

Ren Lanzon -- 161

Amanda McRae -- 275

Chris Cameron -- 301

Rick Hansen -- 389

Kahn Goodluck -- 269

Ted Couch -- 272

Peter Powell -- 213

Pj Sobhanian -- 404

Alf Walker -- 301

Karen Porter -- 494

Charles Thompson -- 132

Helena Sant -- 204

Desley O'Grady -- 462

Chris Trevor has taken a lead after the Baffle Creek votes were counted.
Chris Trevor has taken a lead after the Baffle Creek votes were counted.



POSTAL votes are in and the same leaders are topping the polls so far.

Once again they are same figures are leading the charge.



LIKE other candidates, Desley O'Grady is nervously listening for results, and, as one of the current leaders, says she is feeling "great".

But the Gladstone booths will show if that strength in the outer region carries, where Ms O'Grady believes her strength lies, to the whole region. 



LISTEN: Desley O'Grady: 'I think [in] the outer regions I will tilt the polls significantly'



THE first results from Agnes Water are in and there are six clear leaders which have all scored similar numbers.

Those are; Rick Hansen, Desley O'Grady, PJ Sobhanian, Chris Trevor, Glenn Churchill, Cindi Bush.

But other candidates are hot on their heels.

Karen Porter, Lynette Dahl and Alf Walker each have 79 to 90 votes. 

It's still early and these preliminary results only reflect 1600 voters' choices.

Rick Hansen is in the lead, but many other candidates are close behind.
Rick Hansen is in the lead, but many other candidates are close behind.

There won't be a clear trend until three to four booths have been counted.

Once the count for Agnes Water is finalised, the count will start in Baffle Creek which shouldn't take as long given there will be a lower volume.



THE Electoral Commission of Queensland has still not yet released the first results for the councillor vote count, despite beginning the count at 10.30am this morning.

Counting began at Agnes Water.

We will have a clearer picture of who Gladstone's new deputy mayor will be once around four polling booths have been counted.

More to come …



THE first results from the councillor votes will start to come in within the next hour. 

Counting started at 10.30am and ballot papers from each site will be counted in alphabetical order, starting with Agnes Water followed by Baffle Creek and Boyne Island. 

Ubobo will be the last to be counted.

Counting starts for councillor votes: Counting started at 10.30am for councillor votes. The first results should be in before noon.
Counting starts for councillor votes: Counting started at 10.30am for councillor votes. The first results should be in before noon.

Once three or four sites have been counted a trend will start to emerge which should give us a fair idea of the top four. 


Electoral Commission Queensland Returning Officer Mark Larney said the count is likely to continue for at least three days with 30,000 ballot papers to be processed.

LIVE results by polling booth on this map once results are available