Dave Hughes.
Dave Hughes. Gina Milicia

Dave Hughes is pumped for stand up show

TO THOSE sitting in the front row consider this warning that you may become part of Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes' stand-up act.

This popular larrikin will perform in Mackay next month as part of his Australian tour.

"If you're in the front row and you're late, look out," he said.

During a phone interview, Hughesy said he was feeling in "good form".

"I can't wait to get to Mackay," he said.

It's his first visit to the town, and Hughesy said he planned to study up on the region's idiosyncrasies.

Hughesy said most towns were happy to be mocked - so Mackay be prepared.

His particular brand of dry wit has made Aussies laugh with his stand-up, on popular TV shows such as Rove Live and The Project and through his radio program Hughesy and Kate.

But if he had to choose just one it would be stand-up comedy.

"I love being on stage," he said.

A recent early morning encounter with a drone has inspired Hughesy to keep fit, he laughed.

"I got out of the shower the other morning and there was a drone at my window basically looking through filming me as I got out the shower, which is weird," he said.

It was a gee-up co-ordinated by his radio offsider and wife Holly.

"It freaked me out," he said.

"The lights of the drone... (it) looked like an alien invasion."

Hughesy said his wife was also quite witty and her "cunning wit directed at me" often featured throughout his comedy.

"Really she can't complain... she shouldn't be so mean to me," he said.

When he's not working or touring, Hughesy is spending time with his wife and three children Rafferty, 6, Sadie, 4, and Tess, 2.

And while he doesn't watch a lot of television, he has been tuning in each week to The Bachelor. "I think that's the funniest show on TV... the whole show is ridiculous," he said.

With more than 20 years experience under his belt, Hughesy knows how to handle a joke falling flat.

"Panic," he said.

"Which normally doesn't help."

Sometimes he made a joke about a joke falling flat, which got a laugh.

"But you can't do that too often," he said.

Or he said he could just "swear at the audience and tell them it's their fault", Hughesy said.

His biggest fall was his first attempt back in his early 20s.

"No one laughed at all... I was devastated," Hughesy said. "What I learned is... no one else actually cares. No one thinks about it again apart from you."


What: Dave Hughes Pumped

Where: MECC Plenary Halls

When: September 11 from 8pm

Tickets: www.mackaytix.com.au