A MOTORIST has come to the defence of a truckie who skilfully avoided a near miss on the Warrego Highway yesterday. 

The driver, only known as Andrew, shared a dashcam video with Dash Cam Owners Australia of a ute that comes "flying out of nowhere" and cuts in front of a truck near the Gatton turn-off.

"I'd been following this truck for most of the way from Toowoomba. He'd been doing 100km/hr consistently," Andrew said.

"When he got into the right-hand lane to overtake a slower truck, the guy in the ute comes flying out of nowhere."

The footage shows the truck in the right lane safely overtaking another truck, then a ute which was also in the right lane weaving dangerously between the two to overtake the truck in front of him.

Then, after the truck moved back safely into the left lane, the ute driver suddenly cuts in front of him, almost causing what could have been a serious collision.

The truck driver pulls over into a stopping bay as does the driver of the ute and Andrew.

While Andrew says he pulled over to support the truckie, the video ends as the driver of the ute exits his vehicle so it's not known what happened next.

Social media users who commented on the video slammed the ute driver's behaviour and praised Andrew's actions to support the driver.

Stu Johnson said it should be "instant loss of licence for anyone who brake checks a truck. No questions".
"Straight in the shredder. Should be at least a three-year ban too."

Peter Rakic said: "Good on you for stopping and backing up the truck driver. I definitely would have gave that f*head in the ute a few touch ups without a doubt."

Nikita Towers agreed. "Good on you for stopping, tools like this need to be shamed. He was just lucky this time it wasn't worse."