Dash to shore after 'very large shark' joins feeding frenzy

SURFERS have reported a close encounter with a "very large" shark in Sunshine Coast waters. 

Shark sighting service Dorsal reported a "very large shark breaching close to surfers" in the surf break at Wurtulla at dusk yesterday.

"They all saw some splashing about 15m away then a large grey/white shark breached 5m away," Dorsal reported. 

All surfers immediately rushed out of the water. 

Surfer Kurt Bull said there had been plenty of baitfish and birds feeding in the area before the shark sighting. 

"Well that was the biggest shark I've seen," he said. 

He estimated the shark was 3-4m long, but said it wouldn't stop him going for a surf this morning. 

"I don't normally came in when I see them, but it was to big this one," he said.