Dark integrity cloud hangs over Government

Integrity is at the heart of good government.

And honest Queenslanders know when something just doesn't add up.

The fact Crime and Corruption investigators released the Premier's emails when she was refusing to do so raises a deeply concerning question.

Why is Premier Palaszczuk's idea of what is right and wrong at odds with Crime and Corruption investigators?

That's serious. 


Queensland Member for Maroochydore Fiona Simpson. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Dan Peled
Queensland Member for Maroochydore Fiona Simpson. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Dan Peled


The CCC also exposed senior Labor ministers, including the Premier's deputy Steven Miles, were also using private email accounts to converse with ministers.

A dark integrity cloud now hangs over the government's Labor leadership team and it took Crime and Corruption investigators to bring the truth to light.

Honest Queenslanders are rightly shocked and appalled by this brazen lack of transparency.

Even if this happened in the past, the Premier wasn't telling the truth when she insisted she didn't use her private email accounts for government business. Honesty matters.


Annastacia Palaszczuk clashes with reporters over alleged email scandal: Annastacia Palaszczuk's press conference got heated as reporters began asking about an email scandal.


Premier Palaszczuk sets the integrity standards for her ministers and the government.

Now Premier Palaszczuk has set the standard that lying is OK.

Cutting corners on integrity opens the door to corruption.

Government conducted in the dark leads to public funds being abused by mates and cronies.

Premier Palaszczuk must apologise to parliament and take responsibility.

Fiona Simpson in an LNP MP and member for Maroochydore 

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