OBSTACLE: The Spice still lies underwater off the coast of 1770 after sinking in April.
OBSTACLE: The Spice still lies underwater off the coast of 1770 after sinking in April. Mike Richards GLA270918BOAT

Danger to Round Hill Creek boaties

ACTION speaks louder than words and Volunteer Marine Rescue Round Hill secretary Josie Meng wants to know what is happening with the sunken derelict vessel, Spice.

Mrs Meng said the vessel was getting to be a serious safety issue for the boating public and the popular waterway with summer just around the corner.

"It is very frustrating for it to take so long for the state government to do something about it," she said.

"I know there is a process to follow and appreciate they are working on it but it is causing problems for the local boaties who use the area and other waterway users."

During April this year, the 14-metre sloop Spice grounded and sank in Round Hill Creek and is now moored to prevent damage to other vessels. It is located approximately offshore to the 1770 camping ground.

Twice a day the VMR broadcast a radio message Sécurité (safety message) to remind people there is an obstacle in the water and to be aware of its danger.

Recently, the government announced it would seek feedback from communities across Queensland to help identify the worst derelict vessels.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said there is a $20-million War on Wrecks in the 2018/19 budget to remove ships that blight the Queensland coastline.

A departmental spokesperson said the owner was responsible for the salvage or maintenance of their vessel and Maritime Safety Queensland has powers to remove and dispose of wrecks and recover costs through the courts.

Costs regarding the Spice's removal is under discussion between MSQ and the owner.

The spokesperson said the vessel was high on the priority list of wrecks for removal and have a derelict vessel removal plan to implement before the Christmas-New Year holiday boating season.

Mrs Meng said for the sake of boaties' safety she wanted the vessel removed and stop being an eyesore to the 1770 waterway.

"It is an unsightly reminder and it would be good to see it gone sooner rather than later with the upcoming busy Christmas season."