DANGER DANGER: What are Australia's most dangerous jobs?

THOUGHT being a professional fisherman would be a relaxing and therapeutic job, well that couldn't be further from the truth according to Australia's Most Dangerous Jobs 2016 list which ranks agriculture, forestry and fishing as the most dangerous jobs.

The new list, complied by finder.com.au/life-insurance from the latest data from Safe Work Australia for the year ending 2014, was released today finding the agriculture, forestry and fishing industry as the most dangerous jobs for the year with a finder Risk Score of 30.65, reflecting 43 workplace fatalities and 3,365 serious injuries amidst the 313,000 workers in 2014.

The second-most dangerous industry, transport, postal and warehousing, saw the most fatalities at 46 in total for 2014, making up 15% of all worker fatalities from 2013-2014. However the industry only saw the sixth-highest number of serious compensation claims out of all industries for 2013-2014, receiving a finder Risk Score of 25.11.

Third on the list was construction, with a finder Risk Score of 17.68. Interestingly, there is almost double the number of construction workers in Australia (1.026 million) compared to the second most dangerous jobs in transport (590,000), yet this industry is safer with fewer incidents of 31 workplace fatalities and 11,535 serious injuries in 2014.

 Agriculture, forestry and fishing are Australia's Most Dangerous Jobs for 2016
 Biggest killer of workers in Australia is vehicle related incidents, killing 71 people - 31% of all deaths
Australian workers are safer in the workplace: fatalities and serious injuries down

The list looks at the number of fatalities and serious injuries per industry and weights the number of fatalities to serious injuries on a scale of 100 to 1 respectively. Serious injuries are defined as an injury resulting in a week or more absent from employment.

See the list below: