New dad Matt Stenmark's products have landed in Coles stores. Picture: Instagram/
New dad Matt Stenmark's products have landed in Coles stores. Picture: Instagram/

Dad’s ‘amazing’ $2 million Coles deal

Over the years, Matt Stenmark and his wife Jade have travelled across the globe - and now, their experiences have inspired a multimillion-dollar business idea.

The Sydney couple spent a lot of time in developing countries, where they discovered countless people in need.

Their travels also revealed the devastating impact of plastic and pollution on the environment - and it ended up "lighting the fire" for a new business.

"It all started when my wife and I travelled overseas to Africa and India and around Australia too - I saw the world was in need, and that people's health and the environment too was struggling on so many levels," Mr Stenmark told

"Travelling lit the fire in my belly - I wanted to create something that made a difference in people's lives."

It took a few years for Mr Stenmark, who was already working in the vitamin industry, to get the vitamin brand he founded off the ground - but the Kynd brand launched in June this year after a 12-month development process.


Kynd was inspired by Matt Stenmark’s travels with his wife, Jade.
Kynd was inspired by Matt Stenmark’s travels with his wife, Jade.

So that Kynd could reach as many Australians as possible, Kynd leverages the national distribution network of iNova Pharmaceuticals, kicking things off with the big guns after landing an incredible deal with supermarket giant Coles.

Kynd's projected revenue could be up to $2 million with the grocery giant.

"The opportunity to partner with Coles was amazing, because it means it will get all the products around the country," he said.

"There's a great alignment of goals there - Coles focuses on sustainability and giving back as well, and to get one of the biggest customers in the country straight off the bat is pretty exciting."

The 30-year-old said inking the deal with the supermarket giant had been "surreal" but that it wasn't until he actually saw the products on shelves for the first time that the milestone "really hit home".


The achievement capped off a hectic 12 months for the couple, who had moved and renovated their home, welcomed their first child Asha and started the new business in that period - as the coronavirus pandemic raged on.

Coles category manager for vitamins Daniel Slavin welcomed the arrival of Kynd products in stores, and said Australians were prioritising their health and wellbeing now more than ever.

"At Coles, we have seen the popularity of vitamins soar with the category experiencing double digit sales growth over the past 12 months," Mr Slavin said.

"We're delighted to partner with Aussie brand Kynd to stock its nutritional supplements exclusively at Coles supermarkets. Coles and Kynd have been in collaboration for more than eight months in designing a proposal that is unique for our customers.

"We're also proud to be working with suppliers like Kynd who share in our goal to help Australians lead happier and healthier lives, and our commitment to sustainability by giving back to communities in need and producing sustainable packaging."

Kynd is an Australian first, one for one business model in the vitamin industry - for every one vitamin product they sell, one immunity support product is donated to Australia's most vulnerable, with donations also traceable.

Kynd products are also manufactured in Australia and have sustainable packaging.

Mr Stenmark said the brand's mission was to help people be kind to their bodies, to others and to the planet.

The first products released by Kynd include Women's Multivitamin + Skin, Glow - Hair, Skin & Nails, Magnesium Bio 1200, Sustainably Sourced Fish Oil Double Strength, Nutricosmetic Collagen Forte and Collagen +.