Bureau of Meteorology's MetEye modelling has the remnants of Cyclone Trevor on course to impact Queensland next week.
Bureau of Meteorology's MetEye modelling has the remnants of Cyclone Trevor on course to impact Queensland next week.

Cyclone Trevor impact looms for southeast

THE remnants of Tropical Cyclone Trevor were on track to impact southeast Queensland late next week, with forecast models showing the potential for it to push right through to the Coast.

The cyclone is currently located in the Gulf of Carpentaria where it is expected to further develop into a Category 4 system before crossing back over land during Saturday into the Northern Territory.

From there the Bureau of Meteorology's MetEye modelling shows it weakening as it travelled south over land before hooking east towards Queensland.

BOM forecaster Adam Blazak cautioned the picture would become clearer over the next couple of days as new modelling was developed.

But it appeared likely Queensland's southwest channel country may receive good news over the weekend of much-needed rain to come.

Mr Blazak said outcomes for the southeast would become clearer as remnant moisture from what would be by then an ex-cyclone, tracked further eastward.

Timing would determine the extent of its interaction with an unstable upper-level trough with more certainty expected on Monday.

The BOM was currently forecasting an end by Wednesday to unseasonally high daytime temperatures that have hovered well above the March average of 27.9C.

It expected a heavy cloud cover and rain would drive temperatures down from a 32C maximum on Sunday to 27C and lower still to 26C by Thursday.

What was certain was Cyclone Trevor and its aftermath would continue to dominate BOM forecasts well after it de-intensifies over land.

In the meantime the Sunshine Coast sweltered under high humidity overnight into Friday with the apparent temperature sitting on 27.1C at 1am.

Mr Blazak said this was due to very moist, humid air being dragged southward out of the Coral Sea by a small trough generating northeasterly winds.

Expect today to reach 29C on a partly-cloudy day with a 50 per cent chance of showers late morning or into the afternoon with the possibility of thunderstorms. Winds should be light and remain so right through the forecast period.

A great weekend was expected with tomorrow to peak at 30C on a slight cloudy day with just the chance of showers and a storm leading into a sunny Sunday where temperatures were expected to hit 32C.

Light winds would also ensure small but fun surf conditions on the push up to the high tide on the open beaches. Expect the best of it from a couple of hours after the bottom of the tide through to an hour before its peak.

At Maroochydore the high would be at 9.41am tomorrow at 1.87m as the influence of the full moon begins to wane.